1010 Printing is engaged in providing printing services to international book publishers, trade, professional and educational conglomerates and print media companies. Our Company’s printed products comprise mainly of illustrated leisure and lifestyle books, educational text books, learning materials and children’s books.

Founded in 2005, 1010 Printing was established by a management team with substantial experience in the international book printing market. The established reputation, extensive knowledge in production and management depth enabled our Company to strategize aggressively from the onset.

Under a long-term Processing Agreement with our Chinese partner, a green field production plant (Processing Facility) was built in Yuanzhou, Guangdong Province in China. The plant, occupying a floor area of 800,000 square feet, was designed for industrial efficiency and a healthy working environment. All commercial printing equipment is brand new and has the latest technology. Over the years, the Company has continued to invest in more updated machinery to meet increasing demand. The spacious setting of the plant facilitates high volume warehousing, in particular, for paper stocking to leverage on fluctuating commodity pricing and fast turnaround of large projects. Our production workforce is skilled and stable, ensuring quality, fast and on-time delivery of orders.

1010 Printing focuses on cultivating long standing business relationships with leading publishers, content providers and print media companies as their core supplier. We have established customer-oriented international sales and customer service teams in Hong Kong and at the plant in China, as well as overseas sales directors in the U.K. and Australia to work with customers on the ground. Today, business from the U.K., Australia and the U.S. accounts for almost 80% of the company’s revenue and the top five customers represent approximately 30% of the total turnover.

We have developed our own in-house ERP system which facilitates the real-time flow of information among different departments. During peak periods, the ERP system is critical in enabling effective planning for optimization of production capacity. We also offer selected access to information from the ERP system to customers to monitor production progress of major orders. Such access has helped improve working relationship with strategic customers.

To work with international book publishers, we have to ensure that our operations are compliant with the customers’ stringent requirements, in respect of process, environmental control and social responsibility. 1010 Printing International Limited and 1010 Printing Factory(China) have successfully received certification from Forest Stewardship CouncilTM COC, ISO certification for Integrated Management System, OHSAS for Occupational Health and Safety and ICTI Code of Business Practices for ethical standards of manufacturing.

The production of 1010 Printing was ramped up within two years of operation and the Company has since grown. We have achieved rapid growth way above industry average. Between 2008 and 2010, CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) for revenue and net profit are 27% and 102% respectively. Today, 1010 Printing is ranked as a Top 3 Chinese printer, measured by shipment volume from Hong Kong to the US.

Facing the financial tsunami in 2008 and 2009, 1010 Printing was able to withstand the credit crunch with a strong cash position, astute credit management and new business developed with medium sized publishers that had difficulty getting credit in the market. The measures turned out to be rewarding financially. It was also a boost of confidence for employees in experiencing how market risks could be turned into opportunities.

The spin-off of 1010 Printing as a separately listed company would pave the way for more focused growth strategies. Half of the new capital will be utilized in increasing production capacity and upgrading of equipment to meet expanding needs. We aim to attract more seasoned sales personnel to bring in new customer relationships and market expertise. In view of the increasingly popular digital books, we will develop new programs for medium sized publishers to convert their titles to the electronic platform, creating a one-stop shop for both print and digital products. Taking the advantage of our relationships with international publishers and our strong presence in China, we will explore book publishing brokerage and promotion in China, acting as an intermediary for foreign language books to be translated, printed, promoted and distributed for the Chinese market .

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